Why You Must Go For Kids Party Entertainers

Just like any other parents, they desire to make certain that their kids’ special event will be a sure success. Whether it is already the 6th or the very 1st birthday party, they always want to make it extra special.

The ideal thing that parents can do to make their children’s party a sure shot to success is hiring kids party entertainers. During these times, it is anticipated that parents are very stressed out and there are just a great number of things for them to handle. Nonetheless, everything must be in place and the celebration must go on. If you believe you can not handle these responsibilities anymore, hire entertainers. Furthermore, keep in mind to know the concept and the child’s age.

Yabadoo has some of the finest children’s party entertainers around that will make your special ones smile for hours on end. Go and see their site for really special Kids party entertainment adelaide


The amusing and ludicrous world of clown is truly a classic favourite. They are always stunned by this smiling guy in the party who always entertains them. Aside from that, clowns are dressed in colourful outfits so that they look captivating to children’s eyes. Nevertheless, if you believe that a kid has coulrophobia or intense fright of clowns, you can go for the other wonderful kids party entertainers.


Are you good at juggling? If you do not know how to juggle, why not watch the expert jugglers do their thing at the party. Jugglers are very cool and their performance is simply fantabulous! The skills of such jugglers will make any birthday celebration an explosion of coolness. Absolutely, there will be no awkward party moments or boredom. Oftentimes, audience participation is part of the show exactly where children or parents can join in the juggling act. It will definitely be a fun-filled party for all.


Nothing can beat the wonders of magic. Magic tricks like getting a rabbit from an empty hat still captures the interest of children and also adults. How did it exactly happen? Only a magician could answer it. So, never miss making them a part of your kid’s party.

Definitely, you can make your kid’s party a memorable one so choose the best among the rest.

Stop, you’re on a roll

If your career was on a roll, would you take a 3 month career break? Would you even take a break?

Some of the most successful business people in the blogosphere have gone years without taking a holiday. That’s fine, but is it right for you?

If you want to be the King of Business then holidays might be out the window. If you want to work for 3 years then sail around the world for a year, you won’t be a big-time CEO.

Success is distracting. If your career (one element of your strategy) gets going you become tempted to apply for a management job, move into the city to cut the commute and skip a holiday to get the deal done.

Is that what you really want?

My Philosophy

There have been plenty of newcomers to this blog over the last month, so this is a re-welcome post to everyone. I’m going to explain my thesis a little.

I believe in objectives and strategy

I believe in having a dream, and a strategy to achieve it. Twenty years from now I would love to be writing full-time and giving talks. I especially want to do that on the topic of business. So I want to learn from the best. The best at the moment is probably Seth Godin. So I Want To Work With Seth Godin.

But, I’m not the only one. Hundreds of others do as well. He’s a widely respected marketing author. We’re the lucky ones, this summer we can work with him in a loose fashion. But I want more than that.

This blog isn’t really about Seth Godin. It’s a title that grew on me and now lives it’s purpose. This blog is about having a career objective, and a strategy to achieve it. This blog is here to document my own progress, my own strategy to work with Seth Godin (on the way to my dream career) and my reflections on having a career strategy.

I’m glad you can join me.

Location, Location, Collaboration, Collaboration

You’re going to live anywhere right? Work from the beach balcony or coffee house? Your company doesn’t need an office. Your employees will be scattered around the globe, working together on online projects.

I’ve learnt something important today. Living in UK is damned useful for online collaboration. You can work with people in Hawaii, Australia, Europe and the USA as the day passes. You are the focal point that people pass their work on to when they go to sleep, and you can work with the other half of the globe wakes up.

Where you live really does affect how much you can contribute.

Think about that.

The money -vs- job trade off

Dave does sales in Hong Kong, he earns about £60,000 ($120,000) per year. He graduated last summer. Dave hates his soul-crushing job and finance-orientated lifestyle. But the money is great.

Vicky works on a country farm in West Sussex. She earns about £10,500 ($21,000) per year. She graduated last summer too. Vicky loves her job, she gets to ride horses most days. But the money is terrible.

How much money would it take for you to do the worst possible job?

How little money would you accept to do the job of your dreams?

If you base your career on a scale like this, I suggest you stop.

When do you drop out?

When do you stop trying to be better?

When do you stop trying to earn more money, get another promotion, live in a bigger house?

When do you decide to settle for what you have?


You can always have a more peaceful life,

You can always be a better parent, brother, granddad.

You can always learn and teach more.

You can always be healthier.

Having goals is important, it gives you energy. When you begin getting close to your goals, you need to adapt them. You need to raise the bar, or find a different track.

The cost of your part-time job

Every second you spend working behind a bar, stacking shelves or handing out flyers are seconds you’re never going to get back. Spend them wisely. You need the money, sure, but do you know the true cost?

Six hours spent behind a bar, are six hours you can’t spend working on your designs and posting them on your blog.

They are six hours you can’t spend inviting an employee at a company you admire to coffee.

They are six hours you could have spent improving your career opportunities, and getting out of part-time work.