Here’s what to do about your downed trees in Denver
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Here’s what to do about your downed trees in Denver

The wind toppled trees across the Denver metro area on Tuesday afternoon.

While some landed on homes, others fell in yards and streets.

“We’ve probably had 250 calls or more come in,” said Denver City Forester Rob Davis. “But we only have a handful of contractors to try and get through this and were trying to move through it as fast as we can.”

Davis advises any homeowners dealing with fallen trees and limbs to stay within “their comfort level” to fix the problem.

“If it’s an obvious, small branch down and you can clear it out, that’s great if people can do that themselves. If it’s something up in the air, a tree that’s broken and its swaying and its moving, anything larger that people don’t feel comfortable with, go to a licensed professional or licensed contractor,” he said.

When powerlines are involved, Davis said it’s important to stay away. He said Xcel Energy will work to clear those. In an emergency situation, call 911.

Davis said homeowners can take some preventative steps to protect their homes.

“The best thing to do is regular routine maintenance with a licensed tree service, a quality arborist, he said. “Having somebody look at your trees that is a professional on a routine basis –That’s the best way to make sure your trees are in a good safe condition.”

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