Understanding the value of the Denver Women’s March (2 letters)
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Understanding the value of the Denver Women’s March (2 letters)

Thousands of people hold up signs in Denver’s Civic Center last Saturday after taking part in the Denver Women’s March.

Krista Kafer fails to see that the “movement” she writes about has been going on for decades and she is a direct beneficiary of it. She denigrates the women’s marches as theater but almost certainly cannot explain why women outvoted men significantly in Colorado’s November election. Yes, “marches do not a movement make,” but maintaining the buzz leads to votes. Shame on Kafer for not crediting the women who have come before her, doing important work.

Barry Noreen, Denver

I marched in the Denver Women’s March not because I wanted to persuade other people, but to show the powers that be that I am here and that I strongly disagree with what they are doing, in many areas.

Jill Lewis, Westminster

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